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Based on industry expertise and strong experience in the hospitality sector, Lemon Design Co specialises in Web Design and Digital Marketing for the Hospitality Trade.
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You Communicate With Your Customers Brilliantly - Your Website Should Do The Same.

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Websites that promote your business and work for your customers.


Websites that connect you to your guests seamlessly.


Gives you control over your website whenever you need.


Upgrade your current site with a fresh new look to stay ahead of the game.

web design.
Combine fresh design with great customer service.
digital marketing.
Access a whole new audience. Instantly.
Social Media

Connect with your guests using only your phone and your personality.


Three letters that can help you become the first name people search for.

Mobile Marketing

Directly reach new customers and reward the ones you already love.

Online Marketing

Promoting your business online is an incredible way of reaching new customers.

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Find out how your business can benefit from a great website.
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