As January rolls around and the post Christmas feeling hits, many people resolve to kick the bad habits and be heathier for the New Year.

This usually means Dry January, fewer take aways or, increasingly, Veganuary. Started as a way to promote the vegan lifestyle, its popularity has risen in the last few years and now most of the big brands are on board, offering a plant-based menu in January. But you don't need to be a big player to join in.

January is the month of resolutions and good intentions
Showing off your menu is key

Whether you offer a whole vegan menu or simply a couple of plant-based dishes, how you promote you offerings is key. Vegan food doesn't have to be boring food and some great pictures of your fresh, healthy and delicious menu can get people's taste buds tingling.

A video of how your menu is prepared is a simple and highly effective way of showing people just how fresh and tasty your menu is.

In a traditionally quiet month giving people the excuse to eat out and enjoy themselves guilt free is a brilliant way of enticing customers.
Social media is a vital way of being in the conversation.

Veganuary is largely promoted online so being active on social media is really important if you want to attract customers who are looking for a plant-based menu this month. Engaging in the conversation is a great way of doing this.

It has become a hugely popular trend online so getting involved is not only easy but can also have huge benefits. Regularly posting, using topical hashtags and interacting with the conversation will get you (and your menu) noticed quickly and bring customers straight to your door.

#veganmenu #plantbased #veganuary

Giving the people what they want

Many people look to make healthier choices during January so offering a menu that matches these choices, whether it is plant-based or otherwise, is going to be popular with customers. By promoting a 'guilt-free' option you can attract customers and encourage them to eat out during a month that is traditionally the quietest of the year. At a time when hospitality is struggling more than ever enticing people is surely vital.

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